and so transparent we even put our prices on the website.


Since the introduction of RTI by HMRC we have found that small businesses are struggling to cope with the additional administration that is involved in running a payroll.  We can help take this away from you.  With our managed payroll service we will give you: –

  • Electronic provision of payslips for the employer to distribute to each employee
  • Electronic provision of summary sheets
  • Electronic provision of P32 information advising you how much to pay HMRC
  • All starters, leavers, P45’s and P46’s
  • Any amendments to payroll information such as change of employee addresses etc.
  • Submission of all returns required to HMRC including RTI submissions


Payroll Charges:


1 to 5 £11.55 £13.85 £16.15
6 to 10 £17.30 £20.20 £23.15
11 to 50 Add 86p per worker Add £1.15 per worker Add £1.45 per worker
51+ Add 58p per worker Add 86p per worker Add £1.15 per worker


These charges include starters, leavers, in-year forms and year end submissions.


Cost example: –

a) 3 employees paid fortnightly – The cost is £13.85 per payment run.

b) 13 employees paid weekly – The cost is £19.88 per payment run = £17.30 for first 10 employees plus 3 extra at 86p each.

c) 60 employees paid monthly – The cost is £92.65 per payment run = £23.15 for first 10 employees plus 40 extra at £1.45 each and 10 extra at £1.15 each.


We operate our payroll bureau on a fixed fee basis depending on the frequency of the pay run and the number of employees.

For people requiring a Directors’ only payroll service, please talk to us about your requirements.

All payroll fees assume one payroll run per normal period.  Any re-run of the payroll due to employer error or omission will result in an additional charge.

All fees quoted are exclusive of VAT.